Please come an check out my band Forever Vendetta!!!!
We have just released an E.P. and want everybody to come n listen to it!!!
Already being aired in U.K independant radio stations and some U.S. radio stations it would be awesome if ya came and checked us out!!!!
anyway enuff plugging heres the link for ya !!!

www.myspace.com/forevervendetta !!!!
you can also download the e.p for free if you look at the blogs....
the tracks are also on my UG page !!!

Also we have a video channel on youtube with footage of us at Vice! rock club supporting L.A. Guns !!!

search : forevervendettauk

Thanks guys !!
reported. keep it in one forum brah
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awesommee stuff.
thats the sound i wanna get too. any advice?

love it guys

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The only advice i can really give is to keep practicing and work on your own individual sound as a guitarist/band , i mean we practice every week religiously man, they werent bull****tin' when they say practice makes perfect!!! haha

keep listenin and requesting your local rock stations etc to play our stuff we wanna get the word out worldwide !!!! thanks dude !
Wow thats really really good. The singers great, very 80's rock n roll and hair metal influenced i gather
Thanks guys !! , and thanks zakk for the comment on the singin' that would be me doin it :P !! glad you all like !! yeha we are influenced by some of the 80's bands but also by some of the new rock / hard rock bands comin' through. in my opinion rock and metal hasnt been as good since the 70's/80's and its good to see the new bands are influenced by that type of writing an developing further !!! i think rock n roll is gonna make a comeback !!!