Someday I'll sing a new song
with instruments of strings
that brings the fillment of dreams
Someday I'll play a new tune
to the beat of a drum
Singing and playing til judgement day come
Someday I'll strum a new phrase
Patiently waiting until that song plays

is this proper use of slant rhymes? I know drum and come arent but I liked it. I dont understand why rhymes are so looked down on everybody from system of a down to seal use them but anyway.
ryhming is looked down apon? wtf? iv never heard that. well anyway i think its pretty good
for me rhyming comes very naturally like my other songs but nobody seems to like them
everyone says its cheesy but what country songs arent? lol
wow lol, how is ryhming cheesy? lol. i find it easy to rhyme to (maybe alittle to much sometimes lol) but songs have always ryhmed. they dotn have to every time but it helps