so im gonna get a new guitar soon probably around £500 as that is all the money i have to spend. what i want is:

-NOT a floyd rose
-Preferbaly not a super strat shape, but i can live with exceptions
-Active EMG's , or some badass p'ups
-no extreme shapes (ie, bc rich warlock)

i play metal, prog and prog metal.
im using the Vox XL series amp.

what i REALLY like the look of at the minute is this

the X 50PROFE with a natural wood finish i think is beatiful

or the epiphone les paul prophecy EX
but i dont think the cut away looks big enough on it

what are other good guitars for £500 or under?
thanking you
Do you definitely want EMGs? Cos last time I looked Machinehead had a spalty left...its the X50Pro with seymour duncans though. Great guitar
I'd go with the washburn, the 24 3/4 inch scale of the LP isn't very good for low tunings IMO, the strings tend to get muddy...
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nah i think i defo want the EMGs....
and yeah man i really want a natural wood finish i think they look amazing
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ltd ec-1000

haha! i wish i had that kind of money!

ive narrowed things down now. pretty much i want the washburn with natural wood finish.
but i cant find that anywhere. the guy from all that remains had one just like it...
Look at a T C Ellis Mantis. Pretty sure Tim would fit one with EMGs for you and he likes natural wood finishes too.
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If I wanted an un-finished guitar, I'd look for a used Gibson The Paul. It's a vintage, un-finished Les Paul, but they go for around 400USD. It seems lighter and I like the neck profile of The Paul better than Les Paul Studios. But that's just me.
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Look at a T C Ellis Mantis. Pretty sure Tim would fit one with EMGs for you and he likes natural wood finishes too.

are you getting commision lol...

what about a ibanez darkstone, it`s not got active pups but it`s a strong contender...(dn500 is around £400)