this is for a new project im doing with a friend of mine. the vocals are going to be heavily influenced by thrice and redeemer era norma jean. The guitar parts are deliberately less complex because I plan on singing and playing at the same time and I can't do leads when I do that. XD So here it is so far, enjoy.
That... was awesome man, everything worked well together perfectly, especially the synth.
My only complaint was at the clean bridge. Everything was going smoothly until the Rhodes piano came in. Although it's only my opinion, I think writing a different part with just a regular piano would sound better, just to give it more of a "epic" (for lack of a better word) feeling. I don't know if you know what I'm trying to say lol, but it's just kind of what I "wanted" out of the song.
Just listened. It was really good, what sort of bands is it inspired by? It sounds kinda doom metalish. The breakdowns sounded good too, not just the boring typical metalcore ones you hear. Even though the lead guitar is simple in most parts, it sounds nice and melodic and adds to the song.

I just uploaded a song too, check it out if you have time.

it was pretty influenced by thursday's newer stuff and thrice's older stuff. but at the same time sounds nothing like them haha. Its just 'me' I guess.

I'll check out your song right now.
It is very Thomasoman. I see the doom, which is nice. That type of metal is usually called "Sludge" (doom and hard/metalcore) because it's quite toxic.

Sometimes you'll write a better piece if it isn't so verbose guitar-wise. That seems to be the case here. I've never thought that you're pieces were wank, but by exposing the skeletal framework, you've created something even more powerful.

Your 8.5th (eigth and a half [16th]) note grooves are ever more prevalent here. Not that it's a bad thing. Quite the opposite; I'm starting to syncopate in ways I didn't think possible because of your grooves.

Are you planning on using that for the competition? I'd say it's a strong contender.
With a little polish (that Rhodes piano is a bit grating in the build-up section), you'd have a guaranteed winner.
Very well-done...
I liked very much the intro, and the part with the 'lead' guitar playing:


Sounds a bit Clint Mansell for me... =] Speaking about lead melodies.
... and in initial parts the song remind me Juggernaut, a post-hc band from Rome...

Have you ever heard of them? eheheh
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