Hey UG im going to do an acoustic gig for my high schools Theater opening night thing and i was wondering if this set list will be fine or should i add more (if yes what?) but heres The set list as of now by the way its a fifteen min set one before the show and intermission

Before show set list:
Yellow By Coldplay
Little motel by Modest mouse
Use somebody by Kings of leon
Float on by modest mouse
Sex on fire By Kings of leon
Just Breath By Pearl Jam
Dust In the Wind By Kansas

Intermission Set List:
Absolution By Megadeth
Black hole sun By soundgarden
Black By Pearl jam
Dosent remind Me By Audio Slave
Stellar By Incubus
Drive By Incubus
EverLong By Foo Fighters

What Do You Guys Think?
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The only thing I'd say is maybe one of the KoL songs and one of the Modest Mouse should be swapped for something else. It's a fairly short set, so to play more than one song by a band doesn't seem great. Does Sex On Fire work particularly well acoustic, just out of interest?
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