So, after months of tinkering and learning how to EQ with a USB mic, I think I have come up with a epic tone(for my situation). I was trying to go for a more groove metal style, I think it works for groove metal. But I uptuned from my usual tuning, Drop A#, to Drop B. It sounds more agressive to me.

I'm hopeing that a fellow UG'er will want to write a lead guitar to it, and mabey add drums, becuase my lead tone still sucks. But thats for another thread.

So right now its just rythem guitar.

Linky: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/ethan_hanus/music/all/play716727

Anyway, C4C if you leave me a linky.
That is System of a Down's Suite Pee for the intro riff. It is literally the EXACT riff. You might want to remove that.

As for groove... very hard to do that without drums hahah. Either way I wouldn't call this groove metal. It is too slow and the riffs aren't catchy enough. The thrash type riff in the middle is alright, but you should probably put some GP5 drums or something in the background just for timing's sake.

Well, unfortunately the majority of the song is based off of another bands riff. I would be interested to hear this with drums and probably without that Suite-pee riff.


No, its not, Suite Pee is in a totally different key, and tuning, and sounds nothing like the progression I used. Its only similar in the aspect that part of the intro riff SOAD uses is a 2 chord thrash progression played much faster than what I played.

But apparently I have too much thrash influence to play real good Groove metal, but I thought it was a good try. I do agree it needs drums, but I have a bit of a delimia with that.

Theres not a single riff in there based off another bands riff.

But thanks for the crit anyway.