I've been borrowing a buddies Alvarez RD8 acoustic for the past week or so. Im thinking of buying it off of him but i don't know a good price to offer for it. Right now its retailing on musicians friend for $250.. His is about two to two and a half years old is what he told me but its in amazing shape and sounds great. Im usually playing metal but this babies good to just chill out for a bit with so any suggestions for an asking price would be awesome.

Oh and sorry if this isn't the wright forum. I haven't been on the site in a while :X let me know and ill move it if needed.
No more than a $100 bucks. Thats an all-laminated construction guitar -- a good laminate guitar, if there is such a thing -- but laminate all the same. For $200, you can buy your own new solid-topped guitar, which will be superior to this guitar.

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i would offer $175 for a used but in very good condition $250 guitar, but i'd rather spend $200 and get one with a solid top. might i suggest the yamaha fg700s? as i recall the alvarez regencies have a narrow neck, and if that's true that particular yamaha neck might work well for you.