So I've decided that i want to buy a six-string bass guitar. I currently own a four string so this will not be my first bass guitar. I was hoping some people here could lend their opinions on the 3 basses below. Thanks

Ibanez SR506 Soundgear 6-String

ESP LTD D-6 6-String Bass Guitar

Dean Edge Q6 6-String Bass Quilted

(Now I've heard some talk about how they dislike dean very much, but it got good reviews and it looks nice to me so i put it up there)

Thanks again for your opinions.
The Ibanez

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
The SR looks like your best option, I'm going to suggest you save $100 extra and for the 706, I think the pickups are a better quality. I played both and my 706 just sounded better.

Edit" then again if you did that, you might aswell look into a btb or stilleto. So yah...
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I like the way the ESP looks, but the ibanez sounds a ton better
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I would say the Ibanez. Now with the Dean it may have gotten good reviews but it's not the best you can get for the money. I'm not saying the Dean is "bad" but it's not the best you can do for the money. I played the Ibanez SR605 and it was a good bass i'm sure the 6 string won't be much different. Hope you enjoy whichever bass you end up buying
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I'd go with the ESP or the Ibanez. Either one will serve you well. The ESP feels a bit chunkier, but it plays very well and looks great. The pickups are a matter of taste. If you want to replace them, it will probably be easier to find a replacement soapbar for those ESP pickups (modeled after passive EMGs) than for the Ibanez's pickups (mass-market Bartolini).