ill start off by saying this is by no means serious, its just a hobby and i would like to get a somewhat decent sound. and this would just be a start up, i know i will need more mics for drums down the line.

so what i know i need so far would be a mic for a guitar amp (SM-57 most likely)
and a vocal mic (if the SM-57 would work good for that i will use it, if not i need some advice) and an interface to hook it into my laptop (no idea on what interface to get, but the most mics i would ever have hooked in is 3, but i could get by with just 1-2)

i would like to go the cheapest route that would give me decent results, im just tired of using a crappy camcorder or built in computer mics to get sound that cuts out half the time when i try it

and i would also like to know what all i would need besides the mics and an interface