Im currently playing a gibson lp and im thinking bout getting a strat..
Is it hard to get used to the feel of the strat and switch between it and the lp during gigs??

Posts appreciated
i think the biggest thing you'll notice is the scale length change. different necks have never really bothered me, but that tiny less-than-an-inch change in scale length screws with me all the time.

i definitely think you'll like the diversity you can get between the two types of guitars though! it's a great 1-2 guitar combo.
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I started strat, then went lp, it's a little dfferent, less access to higher frets, and the necks quite a bit meatier. Also you get a real chunky sorta heavy sound with the buckers. All in all it really depends what you play. If your playing high gain in single coils you get 60cycle hum, and not a full heavey sound. But it's great for blues and classic rock that deserves that single coil bite.
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i play a strat, and when I do play an LP (my bass players house) it only takes a minute to adjust, but sometimes i messed up (did like 30 takes of a 2 min tune on the goddamn LP), and I find the strat much more playable, but that could just be what im used to
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The difference in scale length, nut width, neck shape, and radius takes me a minute or two to get used to when switching between guitars quickly like this. Not too hard.