I've been looking on my BFFL, Craig's List, and I came upon a Digitech RP300A. It looks almost just like an RP350/355 (if not the expression pedal looking less cheap), and I'm in the business for looking for an RP350/355.

The RP300A is in complete working condition with manual and everything included for $50. I don't know anything about this pedal except for it has 40 artist presets, and I should probably go on my second BFFL to look up some other info about it.

THEN I found an RP350 for $100, with everything included.

I've been looking for an RP355, but I can't find one used on my local CL, SO NOW on with my questions...

Which one would be "better," the RP300A, RP350 or a brand new RP355 from Guitar Center on Black Friday?

Thanks !
save up for better stuff?
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^No. I'd rather spend $200 on an RP355 where I can tweak effects than go through half a million pedals trying to find the right sound.
I should have mentioned I've only been playing guitar for about two years, and I have a small practice amp right now. I'm still trying to find my sound.
Gmajor is REally,really good

lots of pros use them,and thety got pretty good resale value also
Quote by angusfan16
I got my sister pregnant once. Yeah, that was awkward, but mostly because she's 6 years younger than me.
The RP300A is old and lacks USB among whatever modern features the 350/355 have. The 355 includes a looper. Of the 3 the 355 is the best. $50 for an RP300A is reasonable. $100 is good for a 350.
$50 for the RP300A is a pretty good price IMO, I've owned one for years and it's pretty good for practice, I also use it for recording and it does the job pretty well. It's also fun to tweak with, a lot of tones can be had, although the quality isn't the greatest.

Both prices are good, but the RP300A, although older, will probably be all you need.

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I've been comparing the RP355 and the RP300A, and it seems like the RP300A is much less flexible and the distortions are lacking.

While the RP355, has a greater numerical value range and 128 (or however many) amp models.

I have no problems spending $200 on a RP355, because I'm still trying to find my sound and I want a lot of tonal possibilities. However, $50 on the RP300A which is like half of a 355, is probably a very good deal.

Is there a big difference between the RP350 and 355? I have an RP50 right now, and the thing that bugs me is the fact that there's this feedback from ringing out notes. I have guitar with two humbuckers and I know what single coils give off a feedback when your not playing the guitar.

So is there feedback on the RP350 and 355 when letting notes/chords ring out? My guitar teacher explained it to me, but it honestly made no sense. He told me to turn up the noise gate all the way (which it always is) and tweak it until it goes away. But all of my distortion effects and a couple other have that feedback. Can I fix it?
You can get a used Boss GT-6 or Line6 PODxt for under $200 if you look. Both units sound much better to me than the mid/low end digitech stuff.
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I've got the RP300a. Don't do it. Really not that good. Get a POD XT Live or above and be done with it.
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