as long as you don't touch any cap's you should be good.
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Brett has been saving for a splawn for 4 years
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The end of an era
You don't even have to touch the board to do the mod. Pull the chassis, clip the cap out with a wirecutters, and replace the chassis.
Super duper easy.

Regardless of how long it's been sitting, always assume there are still lethal voltages/amperages present in ALL capacitors.

Not only can you NOT touch these caps, you also can NOT touch any connections to or from these caps.

This mod doesn't take you near them, but other components like tube sockets should be avoided.

An old rule of thumb is to always keep one hand in your pocket whenever you're in a "live" (i.e. un-discharged) amp.

That way you only stand to lose a finger or two, but you'll still live.

Yeah, I know, it sounds over-cautious, but I've been bit a couple times, and it's always been cuz I was stupid and thought it was no biggie.

Have fun, though, that link you gave has very clear cut, concise, and CORRECT instructions!
I don't understand. You tell him to stay away from caps, but he's going to unsolder one so it's kind of strange...