I just got a new bass today and after playing around with it at home I realized the way the nut was filed, the G string is too close to the edge and would slip off occasionally while stringing it. It was a used bass but the store offered a 90 day warranty so I'm going to take it in tomorrow and see if they'll fix it. Anyone know how long it takes to redo the nut, or replace it completely. I have a gig Friday so it would be nice to finally get to use my new bass by then.

It's a Musicman Sub5, if that makes a difference.
I wouldn't imagine it would take more than an hour, that is if they get on it right away. Either way I think you are safe for your gig on Friday.
all they need to do is file the G string slot , depending on how far down they need to file it, 10 minutes to 30 minutes should be all it takes, if they think its easier to replace it for some reason, or if they screw up the filing and need to replace it, that'll take about 2 hours because the glue will need to dry, either way definitely safe for a gig on friday
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Cool, thanks guys. I'm pretty sure this should be covered under the warranty but if not, how much should I expect to pay?
i would call ahead to make sure they have a tech working when you take it in. if it's not popping out when you play, i wouldn't worry about it. if it is, as mentioned, they will probably just re-file the groove for the G, and you should be good to go.
Assuming they don't encounter any problems removing the nut from your bass, it should take about two hours at most to remove the nut, shape and notch a blank nut to fit your bass and then install it. Cost will depend on your repair shop's standard rates, how hard it is to remove your original nut and the type of material you choose for your new nut. It shouldn't be a big deal.

If the new nut is covered by warranty, even better.
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nuts are are not that expensive, what will kill you is the labour cost. Most of the shops / luthiers around me charge from 35 - 50 USD per hour for repairs, so make sure if they do end up charging you, that they are up front about the estimated labour.