This one in particular. I mostly picked it because it comes with a hard case, is acoustic-electric and seems to be made of decent wood. That, and the truss rod for my cheapo Rogue dreadnought literally has fallen out of the cavity, and it goes out of tune every five minutes, and a host of other problems.

Because I'm normally an electric guy, I don't know much about acoustics. What can A&C tell me about this?
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Specs look good. Played one very briefly in a random jam session at a music store about a month ago. Held up well. Played through a high end acoustic amp, cranked pretty loud. Can probably find other guitars that are all solid or have better reviews, but that doesn't make that one a bad choice.

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The standard D10 is a fine guitar for the price. I wouldn't recommend getting the D10sce though, it has poor quality electronics (as will pretty much any electric acoustic in this price range).
If i were you I'd either save up for a good quality electric acoustic or buy a standard acoustic and install a good quality pick-up in it at a later date.
Never had the ability to lay one but the specs look nice and the guitar looks nice. Just wanted to let you know that this site is selling the same package but with a blemished guitar for 339. I don't know exactly what they consider blemished but worth checking out if you want that guitar.
I love my Washburn guitar!

This is the one I have:


And I played a Taylor 814CE (2999 dollars... pffft) the other day along with a high-end Breedlove, and neither one impressed me too much as my Washburn really delivers a high level of quality and consistency in every aspect.

You have my voucher for Washburns
My God, it's full of stars!