I think a new fret job could be anywhere from $80-150 (huge range I know =/) but it won't run more than the guitar. I'd check it out, and get it. The owner's had a lot of work done on it so you'll definitely want to see if its good.
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If it is real, it is definitely worth $225. I say try it out, and if the frets are in decent condition take it.
why not go try it out and decide for yourself? I've never heard one, but if it was enough to make gibson file a lawsuit, it should at least be decent. Besides, you can always haggle.
80 to 150 doesnt sound to bad. Ill send the guy a message, and after i get paid friday, im gonna try to go and try it out i guess. Thanks!
if you try it out and like it then it's definitely worth it
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The guitar is 100% worth it. I've played my uncles 1980 ibanez AR100, which is like a double cut les paul. It's amazing! You can get real gibson tones out of it... Buy it! Ibanez from that time is top notch, the japanese stuff from then is amazing...
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I have just sent the man an email. I feel its a steal for 225. I hope it is rather. If he emails back, by Saturday i will have me a sexy ngd!
$225 for one of those lawsuit Ibanez's is a great deal. The last time I saw one locally the dude wanted $700 for it, even though he admitted it needed tonnes of work.
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they are great!

I love mine. Honestly it plays better than any other lp I have played.
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should be fairly decent. you def can't buy a new guitar of that quality for 200 at least
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They are excellent guitars and totally worth the asking price. I've been searching for a reasonably priced one for years myself.
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