Recently I've been looking for a great sounding amp that I can play at my house and what not. I don't really play live and have a tiny 15w Orange Crush reverb thing and I like that a lot so I figured I'd check into a Tiny Terror.

My question is how loud does it get? It's one of these specifically:

I mean, if I were to go to a practice with it, would it be audible? Or would I need something a bit more powerful?
It gets plenty loud, but there are many other amps that can do that in your price range that sound better. What kinds of music will you be playing?
Orange is fantastic. But you could also save a bit more and get a decent Marshall

your call
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I personally don't like the TT, it's too muddy for my tastes.
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I was also interested in a Tiny Terror. I played one, and I like the sound, but it was WAY to simplistic for me.

No FX loop, one channel...doesn't take pedals very well...no reverb...

Check out an Egnater Rebel 20...I don't know if you can get the tone to fit your needs, cause I haven't had to much time to play with the settings. Its only one channel, but it gets a little louder than the Tiny Terror, and has an FX loop.

The Rebel is much more versatile than the Tiny Terror. The problem with the Tiny Terror is that its only really got one tone to it...not a lot of customization...

Just my $.02... let the flaming begin!
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the tt was meh to me. it DECENT sounding but for the money i would get something much better. for the price imo its not worth it no 3 band eq, no fx loop, etc. i would personally get a vox ac15 since you play shoegaze and post rock. the ac15 has an awsome clean tone and very nice od
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