All Flowers In Time

This is by far the most complicated tablature I've ever done, and one of my favourite songs of all time. This is based on a few tabs I found online (which weren't accurate) updated to reflect what I believe is the correct tuning, and chord voicing. I think Jeff uses slightly different ABG chords, probably doing something in the higher strings I can't make out. In any case, unlike every other tab I've found for this song online, this actually sounds like the original.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any comments/praise you guys have. This is truly a beautiful song, and really obscure. It's hard to call a recording rare in the digital age, but till this youtube recording came out, all I had was an acoustic bootleg of this song that I had found on napster back in 2001.


Anyway, the key to this is the odd tuning. That's where it gets that interesting sound and why it's so darn hard to tab out.

Open G tuning : DGDGBD (this is the same tuning as used in Last Goodbye)

Chords : D : 020230 A : 707000 B : 909000 G : 505000 C : 055300 Em : 202000 D* mm0320 C* 055700

Basically intro is D A slide up to B slide down to G C x 2

My eyes are
a baptism
C-C*-C-D* (riff)
Oh I am filth
And I sing her
to my face
C D*
Oh phantom elusive thing

D a B
All flowers in time bend towards the sun
I know you say that there's no-one for you
C-C*-C-D* (riff)

but here is one

etc, etc

There's a riff that goes C-C*-C-D* (riff) that goes on several times throughout the song. Listen closely to get the rhythm. It's one of the more distinctive riffs in the song.

Credit to Michael Vincent Doherty, who wrote an earlier version of the tab which helped me figure this one out.
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