Not bad for what it is. Guitar tone is good in places its like the old Burzum tones which i actually used to like. Guitars are tight...almost too tight in places tho with the drums and bass being not very tight they tend to clash. Bass just follows along late with the tight guitars rather than a lot of pedal basslines or harmony/melody basslines.

Really dont like the vocals to be honest, i like Morbid Angel and the like, but this sounds like my bath draining out. The vocalist just growls the same syllable constantly which is annoying. The drums are awkward in places the beats are off kilter, and the production is bad with the snare being very low in the mix and low tuned. I think the main thing is its an awkward mix of thrash and death metal which is but beauty is in the ear of the beholder!

I wouldnt use that studio again to be honest i would go to one which specialises in heavy music and know how to mix these genres.
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Death and thrash can't really be awkwardly mixed, so I don't really know what that means. As far as me using the same syllables, well.. no, I don't but that's fine. And yes the bass follows the riffing for the most part this song, but using harmony many octaves lower would sound like balls. And the bass isn't ever late, whether it may be boring to follow a guitar or not.

I agree that the snare is too quiet, it wasn't mixed as loudly as it should have been and myspace makes matters worse for the drums. The snare tuning is also something we have tried to work on... but yah that's how it came out.

Fair enough as long as you didnt pay for the studio, you can get a better result at home. I could hear straight away the bass it trailing the guitars constantly. The thrash/death thing just seems a but awkward to me but ive not been listening to that genre for a long time.
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I think the higher growls need some work, they really don't compare to the deep ones (which are awesome) and sound weak.

There could have always been more bass drums, or at least better EQ'd ones because I didn't really hear any.

Reminds me of Kalmah without keys and better guitar work.
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(i thought hot strings would make me finger faster.)
so i tried to set my strings on fire by putting a lighter on the high e string n it cut it so wtf??!!? i passed the lighter rrly slowly by it for less then a sec n then it snapped...
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Hmm. The drums are of issue with some people, if you don't have woofers than they can be hard to hear. The mastering for some reason compressed them badly and they are a bit lost in the mix. But thanks for the vocals and comments!

Yeah, I'm using old '95 speakers that came bundled with a computer/$20 headphones so I don't expect that I'm receiving the best audio.

Also, I love all the solos and melodies (in Dead, Buried, and Gone and all of the other too) I've heard so far.
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(i thought hot strings would make me finger faster.)
so i tried to set my strings on fire by putting a lighter on the high e string n it cut it so wtf??!!? i passed the lighter rrly slowly by it for less then a sec n then it snapped...
Nice vocals. The mix is a bit bad, as has been pointed out (the drums are too silent). The soloing reminded me of Martyr's solos, which is awesome. Also, the vocals are a bit annoying at times with the UUUUUAAAAAIIHHHH thing where it goes up in pitch, it think it's a bit overused. I didn't like the tone that much, it's a bit too old school for me. The riffs were pretty nice.
It was alright, I'm not a fan of growling, but from a musical standpoint, it was pertty good, good progression, everything was on time, and good tone. My only complaint is that the guitar wasent heard enough in the mix, the vocals overpowered everything, so I would try adding some mids to your guitars to bring them out more in the mix and mabey lower the volume of the vocals.

Thanks for the crit btw.
Thanks for the crit.
I'm not really a fan of the vocal style, but I think you guys pull them off ok. It seems like kind of an Opeth/Children of Bodom hybrid, as does the rest of the song. Unfortunately, I dislike both of those bands. That said, you definitely have talent. Very nice guitar solos. To me, it sounded like the drums were kind of loose, but I think that would be fixed live. My tastes in music pretty much stop at Pantera as far as heavy stuff goes, so I'm probably not the best person to critique this, but good job.
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Death metal and thrash aren't really my thing but your song is Dead, Buried and Gone is pretty good. I think the higher screamed vocals need to be worked on. Drums are a bit low like everyone said. but overall not bad.
Listened to Dead, Buried, and Gone

I thought the instruments were good, good riffs, everything is in time pretty much, the drums were too low though. Can't say I liked the vocals. From a death metal view point they were good I guess, but personally I hated them. Solos were pretty sweet. I also felt the song was a bit long, I would say shorten it to like 4 minutes or so. Overall nice death/thrash metal song.
You guys have an awesome grasp on dual guitar harmonies. Riffs are pretty interesting and epic. the arrangement of the tunes is pretty sweet. Vocals aren't my cup of tea but it works for what your going for its just not my style. You have some really original riffs mixed in with some riffs i feel like ive heard before but you rock the sh*T out them. good job fellas!