k guys i need tips on how to lose weight fast. not necessarily weight, more stomach fat.

im 16 btw. like i just need some way that doesn't have to be "safe", but i need to lose fat fast
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Swallow tapeworms. After a few weeks you'll look like a real woman.
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Rub Icy Hot on it.... Nah just take a saw and a buddy with a straw and suck the pounds away!
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Fap. Lots and lots of fap till you sweat and then cum blood
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Do sit-ups till you poop/puke.

i thought situps just built muscle under the fat. not actually burned the fat?
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A) Stop eating
B) Exercise profusely every day
C) Pop tons of laxatives
D) Liposuction

E) Hard drugs
Cocaine, meth and speed.

Or diet and exercise, sheesh.
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