so right now im playin a american strat through a vox ac30. its a great amp and it can get decently dirty for the bluesy stuff i play but when i wanna get that jimi tone or gilmour scream i cannot attain it without either cranking my amp and creating a vacuum in the ozone with its intensly loud sound or puttin a pedal infront of it. so now ive been looking and i dont know what i should do Overdrive distortion or a fuzz? the pedals ive been looking at are

Fulltone ocd
blackout effectors musket fuzz
lovepedals kanji classic distortion...

the list goes on forever im just not sure which one i need. i want to get a really great chuncky tone for those jimi solos that just melt your face.
thanks ug
you should really list example songs, they help.


If that's the chunkiness you're talking about, you're gonna want a fuzz pedal. Distortion you'll never really want for a jimi or gilmour sound, since it's intended to simulate the overdrive of more modern amps, at higher gain levels.

If you want more gilmourish screaming, you'll need overdrive, the ibanez tube screamer does this well.

However, don't think you're going to get the exact sounds with you're amp, vox uses quite a separate voice from the original marshalls or fender showmans. That said, you can get pretty close with an AC30.
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ya i know ill never really get that same kind of sound as them cause the vox is very different but ive messed around with some fuzz and overdrive pedals on it and they get close enough. so definitly not distortion from what im hearin? i really dont wanna get a modern rock sound, more of that classic rock blues sound
songs would be like sorrow-pink floyd and pretty much any really chunky jimi like spanish castle magic
The Musket Fuzz would actually be really good for what youre looking for. Pair it with a Fuzz Face clone, and youd be able to pretty much nail most of either (as they used different fuzzes at different points in their careers)
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For sorrow gilmour uses a big muff on the intro and a boss HM2 plugged into fender amps. Both are pretty dirty. You can get quite a better sound then most of his live shows simply by using a rotary or univibe pedal plus whatever standard fuzz you'd want (you'd probably want a dallas arbiter fuzz for the jimi stuff).

Spanish castle magic doesn't use soley the fuzz pedal to get that sound, and I'm relatively sure he just had his amp cranked on that one. However, setting your amp to a relatively clean tone and switching on the fuzz, then adding some bass would replicate the tone fairly well.
ya that sounds about right. I guess ill check into some fuzz for some chunkier tone out of the vox ac30 thanks guys
Check the Big Muff w/Tone Wicker. Playing around with that, I nailed a pretty good Gilmour tone out of that, ended up buying one. Does Hendrix pretty well too.