Your drummer's timing is VERY off. I understand ghost hits and all of that.... but his main beat hits were really really off. Even his hi-hat is offtime quite often.

Once the distortion comes in, the EQ is very off, along with the mix. Drummer is still off time. I recommend finding a new one.

I like the atmosphere, and it would be a pretty decent song but..
1. It is pretty repetitive
2. Your drummer can't keep a beat or time.

Other than that, you have some neat parts. Clean guitar parts and keys are good, but the drums ruin it.


Ok, I am loving the intro, the ambiance is superb. The drums seem a little...odd at points, but overall fit very well. It seems to drag on a little, but it is a 8 minute long song. Maybe shorten it up a little, or add more variety to the guitar playing in the background.

I like the distorted riff, but having the bass follow it makes seem that you have the bass in your guitars EQ cranked too high. Or maybe you do, I cannot tell.

Other then that it seems some of the parts seem to drag on it is a pretty good track. 8.5/10 for sure.

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