The title says it all. I have an EMG 81/60, and personally, the 60 has the best cleans of any pickup I've heard thus far. The 81 does kinda sound sterile, but it has a real twangy sound, which kinda reminds me of a Tele.. I think some overdrive on the 60 would sound pretty good for blues, what do you guys think?
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While someone will try to be all specific with a response to my answer. Gilmour used EMGs, he played "blues" with it.
What about a 58, there suppose to sound like a p90.
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I use to think EMGs where awesome. then i started paying attention to different artists that get gnarly solid sound without active pick ups and realized active is just a waste. why try to imporve something tat doesnt need it? you can get similar if not better sounds from a distorted pick up. to each his own though but i feel active pick ups are as much as a ****ty gimmick as the gibson robot guitars.
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EMGs were invented to give Blues and Jazz guitarists more power without distortion or other noise. The fact that they distort brilliantly is a handy bonus. That said, the tone range would not compete with a BKP PG Blues or IronGear Blues Engine which are dedicated to the task. Meanwhile the P90 sized Alnico V 'Staple' that Gibson used on some models pretty much defined the sound of Blues guitar since the 50's.
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