I am assuming the post clock restarts on sunday or monday if so here is one of this weeks songs I hope you like it. Let me know if the questions feel redundant.


Earthen crowns unto which you bow
Wonder why it never worked out?

Will you always cover your eyes?
Some things we must learn to despise

Will you always hide from the truth
pick the scab that can never heal

Will you always hold the grudge
never caring enough to love

Mammon and morcil that you devour
never taking count of time or hour

Have you ever looked to the sky?
wonder who created the sun?

Have you ever felt the surprise?
not knowing that which you have done

Have you ever touched the face
of someone who returned your love?

Thought you were free but a prisoner now?
funny how he always pulls the rug out.

Can you find the strength to change,
even through the embaressment and shame?

Can you be the one who stands all alone
braving the storm and the stone?

Can you see the true adversary?
smiling,laughing, mocking you

One of these days will be too late
no choice but to accept your fate

earthen crowns unto which you bow

earthen crowns unto which you bow

earthen crowns unto which you bow
I see you're familiar with the rules so I won't tell you to go read them. The posting limit works on a six day span no matter what day of the week it is. Also from what I can see you went well over that during last week anyways.

So just wait it out for a bit. Critique some pieces to get more comments on ones you've already posted. You can post this in five days.