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DragonEdit: I'm no pro, but here goes nothing:

It sounds right. It looks right. Most of your phrasing was cool. Some parts felt rushed just for the sake of playing fast :P

I know it's an improv, but try to have more interesting parts/hooks in your solos (like that part at 4:05 ).

Another thing: it seemed like the 7th fret was sort of your "pivot" point. Seemed like every time you ran out of ideas, you'd do a vibrato on the 7th fret. It's not a bad thing to have something to fall back on while thinking of a new idea, but try changing it up.

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Looks like the dog in the background was really enjoying it. It was good for the most part, some of your phrases didn't work, but that will happen with improv.
epic dog. Like the others I think your technique is definitely getting there, with a better amp you might find you'll have to clean some of your alternate picking runs up a bit. Some bends were out of tune but that happens to the best of us.
A lot of your phrasing sounded like Paul Gilbert, Buckethead sort of things which is good don't get me wrong, but it sort of sounds like you're falling back on licks you've learnt without going outside at all. But again, that'll come with more work on your improvising.
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Good tapping. That's tricky to get clean, but you did it well. The vibrato (jumpin' on the bandwagon here) was not perfect, but it wasn't as bad as some I've heard. I'd recommend as far as a coherent solo to step away from licks - they limit your playing. Another thing would be to stay in key with your backing track. Definitely watch PG's lesson on expanding ideas - that will do wonders for solo coherence.