What should I do when I hit a wrong note? Usually I slide it to the right note, or sometimes bend it up to the right note.
What do you guys do to get to the right note whilst not letting the wrong note ring out?
if it is the end of a solo i pull of to 0 then bring an squeal with the floyd, but if it is in the middle of a solo, i just bend it if the note is next to it.
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Depends if I'm above or below the note I wanted, and if I've got time to do anything about it. If I am going to correct it, I'd slide down and 50/50 whether I'd slide or bend up to it.

If I'm practicing a song on my own I tend to stop and go over that bit a few times to make sure I've got it, then start that section again though.
if the note im was trying to hit is "crucial" i tend to slide or bend to get to it.

but if the note is just another in a long line i treat it as a passing tone (along with all the other ones i usually throw into the mix).
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In improv? Hit it again so people think you did it on purpose, lol.

You'd be suprised at how well this works, just don't do it too often- because then it's just you not knowing what you're doing
try not to accent it and accent the next in scale note you can, phrasing it in a jazzy sort of way to play it off as a passing tone.
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I either bend it, slide up, or do a trill while pulling up on my whammy bar.
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Act like it didn't happen or slide to the right note, if your playing live you can't stop and say redo
depends...if its a riff or something simple bend it or if it is a solo do something cool so people think that u added your own twist to it...maybe start doin hammerons in groups of four...then continue to the next part....depends wat ur playing
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