i just wanted to know how thick a 50's style neck is on a les paul?? i know people will say go play one and yes i will but before i have the chance to i just want to know. also is it just thick or is it wide aswell?
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During the '50s, Gibson necks changed a lot. In the early years they were pretty think by today's standards. Nut thickness peaked at about 25mm in 1958 then reduced in '59 to about 22mm before the very nice 20mm of 1961. These are estimates based on comparative drawings comparing with the published '61 dimensions.
Currently the Ibanez Wizard 2 is 17mm.
The fretboard width has not changed much but most Gibsons have a slight taper down from the widest part of the neck, under the fretboard which gibes a more rounded feel.
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