I have a Chrome/Silver Maple American Deluxe Strat that I never play. I have all of the case candy and it's in excellent condition. There isn't one ding on it. There's no fretwear either. It's a 2006 model (has the Fender 60th emblem on the back of the headstock) and I'm the first owner. It's in better condition than most guitars you find on the walls in stores. They cost $1600 but I'm asking for $1200.

In terms of trades, I'm looking for a good 1x12 combo amp or a EBMM Axis. I have more pics if you want.
Why do ya never play it? (not that I'm complaining).

Are those the stock samarium cobalts in there? I'm interested, especially since you live in the same area, just don't know about the close to retail price with the craigslist and ebay possibilities.
It's just not for me. I bought it when I was getting into shred and stuff from guys like Yngwie Malmsteen and Takayashi Ohmora. It was good but not completely what I wanted, so I bought an RG shortly after. She became my #1. I'm actually selling the Strat to buy another RG.

And yup, everything is completely stock.

I sent you a PM