sorry for the crappy title fellas

Im building a customs SG style guitar
and it goes like this:

1.Ive already laid down a black poly bottom coat and am In the process of adding silver leaf and hand pin stripping (which usually requires a varnish) so, is it possible to clear coat over the varnish? and would I need to use poly or lacquer?

2 Im putting it together with the GK3 onboard unit, but, instead of using the ugly black strip roland gives you Im planning on using a piezo bridge (tune o matic),
Ive seen them where the regular pickups were also linked in through the midi, as opposed to the standard input jack, but havent had any luck finding the wiring diagram to do this, so does anyone have any advice/experience here?

thanks in advance for your time

1. Pretty sure you can clear over varnish, but not 100% sure. Something about the varnish being absorbed into the wood and keeping the clear from penetrating well. Again, not sure. Just smt to think about.

2. I can't help you there. All I can say is hit up google to see if there's a diagram for w/e that onboard thing is.

Good luck, man.

ive talked him out of laying the varnish (im clearing over it so it isnt neccisarry)

the gk3 pickup/preamp is a roland midi device used for their synth/effects boards (such as the VG-99)

they have a ugly black box version (which mounts on the front and looks like poop)

and they have an onboard version (which only has a black strip to ugly up the front)