I have a Yamaha eg112 (fat strat copy) lying around since I used it as a starting guitar almost 10 years ago. Would it be worth it to put in some nice pickups? If so, what kind of pickups would you recommend? I like playing metal (killswitch, as i lay dying, protest the hero, etc.) and am looking for a really hot tone. I would also like mellow clean tones for the neck if that is possible.

I'm new to this, so I'm open to any suggestions.
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Dimarzio D-sonic in the bridge.
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Is the guitar nice to play? Does it need a proper setup?
That done, I'd go for an Irongear Hammerhead and a pair of Pig Iron for the cleans, or Jailhouse Rails for their extra grunt.
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+1 on the amp question.

always make sure you've got your main rig squared away before you start putting money into side projects.

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Amp.+2 . What amp do you have? A nice valve amp will give you killer tone. As for your guitar, good pups will make a big difference. Try some of the tone tests on the Seymour Duncan,Bare Knuckles sites etc, to find what you might like. I have some Phat Cats in my Les Paul fake.It sounds as nice as my genuine Gibson.
It does matter what amp you have. BUT I have 3 electrics and use a UX2 interface with POD farm and my Warlock with blackouts sounds better than my epi lp with SD Jazz which sounds better than my (suspected knockoff)epi SG with stock sh!t pickups. soooo if you're dead set on getting pups for it, look for something known for clarity @ high gain that has high output.

I went with Jazz for the LP bc Mark Morton was using them last time I checked, blew my mind first time I played on them.

The blackouts were bc I wanted to try actives and I knew of a couple people that used them.

So go with your gut or your idol.
Thanks for the responses everyone. I currently use a pod 2.0 for effects. I also have a line 6 30w but want to invest in a nicer solid state amp. Tubes might be a bit expensive for me at the moment.

Also for strat pickups, can you put a humbucker in the bridge, and 2 different single coils in the mid and neck? Or do people usually keep the single coils the same?

Edit: Is there any way to modify an HSS strat to SSS?
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SSS to HSS is normally just a scratch plate change. One of my amps is still on 40 year old Mullards.my 1960s Scala 519. So they needn't be expensive to maintain.
I'm probably going to keep it HSS. So I guess now I'm looking into a bridge humbucker with high output, and a good clean single coil for the neck. I have no idea what to do with the mid though. I was thinking about getting Seymour Duncans all around since I can buy them from common US retailers. Money is an issue($50-$100 per pickup) What do you think?
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the pacifica 112 is a very nice guitar, however it has an alder (or ash) body and a mahogany one would probably be better suited to metal