For a new acoustic. Not only do I still have the very same guitar i started out with about 3 1/2 years ago, which... Gets old, but its also very mediocre. And cheap.

Having said that, I dont want to pay like... $1,000 dollars. I dont need anything too fancy, just one that's a nice size [not too jumbo. Just because that gets annoying and its even harder to get my pick out if i drop it in. yes, I do that a lot :/ ] and that has a nice versatile sound [not muddy, but not too too bright either]

Any suggestions?

For a manufacturer name, at least...

With enough money saved you will buy a new straw skirt and coconut bikini, a airplane ticket back to civilization and a large Mesa Boogie amp and a Gibson Explorer and shred the faces off with METALLICA!

you don't mention whether a dread is "too jumbo" or what price range you have in mind, nor the type of music you play. if you can deal with a dread, you can get a seagull original s6 with a 1.8" neck or a seagull slim s6 with a slimmer neck for around $400. solid top, good sound, good build quality. you can get a seagull entourage s6 or a yamaha fg730s for around $300.

if a dread is too big for you, you might consider a taylor 114 for around $650 or an epiphone masterbilt ef-500r for around $600 - it's got solid top, back and sides.