hey guys, ive found another fake looking epiphone on ebay. my reasons i think its fake is because the truss rod cover, the tuners (epiphones only have grovers), the finish, the packaging and the factory.

anyway give it a look and tell me your answer

This is probably handmade by some individual or he just kinda spice its look a bit, not sure actually. Looks nice, I hope it sounds as good it looks =p
I agree with you. It looks like a fake. The truss rod cover is all wrong - shape, lettering and position of the back two screws. The finish is much glossier than any I have seen on an Epiphone Les Paul. Caveat Emptor, my friend.
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The first one posted is very suspicious as with a lot I have seen on Ebay selling in Australia. The last one (white) posted looks real.

Your pretty much right on your observations the tuners are wrong, the box is not an Epi box and the truss rod cover is wrong and lettering is too thick.

The truss rod cover is not the same, real Epi truss rod covers fit tight against the nut from right to left there are no scalloped corners on an real Epi LP truss rod cover. The guy is ripping people off if they are paying those prices the guitar is not worth more than $200.00.

I think these guys think they can sell knockoff Epi because a lot of people think why bother selling as fake Epi but they are getting top dollar for a guitar they are paying less than $200.00 for and less likely to get caught because they are not trying to pass off a fake Gibson.

The truss cover does look odd compared to my 2 epis. And yea if new should come in a an epi box. If new they usually come with the plastic over the pickups and pickguard as well as the hang on tags.

When it comes to epis you really need to play em before you buy em. If you have questions about its authenticity best to find something else.
they had those tuners before they had the grovers
and that truss shape was also used

this guitar is new
and they havent used those tuners and russ in a while
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both real
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the chinese are getting desperate to now start faking budget guitars

Why do so many people say this? No offence to you mate, but an Epiphone les paul Custom over here is around 400 - 500 pounds, and I wouldn't really call that budget, would you?

The top one does look fake to be honest, the truss rod looks incredibly odd for a start.

At the end of the day, its a risk you need to take into account when buying on line, if its good, would it being fake really bother you?


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It's a fake, Epiphone does not use numbers in front of their serial numbers anymore.
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White is real.
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