hi, i have a peavey 6505+ head and randall cab, the 6505 is known to be noisy, with popping when switching channels and alot of hiss and stuff. i chucked an NS-2 in front and through the loop and it stopped all the rubbish, no popping and stuff at all. but lately, its been popping even with the NS-2 engaged! and today at band practice when i had it turned up a bit and turned the pedal off (even with my guitar unplugged) it would SQUEALL HORRIBLY!!!.. is there somehting wrong with my amp?
Yeah, sounds like your preamp tubes need a change. Swap those around a bit and see if that helps. Put your best tube in V1, and replace the worst two tubes or so. That should fix you right up.
WTLTL 2011
Stock tubes are rarely high quality. Could have been shipped with fail prone tubes. In any case, swap them around and see if it helps. If it does, problem identified. If not, you can look elsewhere.
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hmm, i'm a massive a tube noob lol. im scared ill break em, i dunno how to take em out or anything :\
preamp tubes you can usually just pull out and plug others back in. I don't have a 6505 though so maybe a 6505 user can help you out
WTLTL 2011