OK, I was just browsing bmusic for fun this afternoon and I came across their ESP section here:


And in there, there are 3 kinds of ESP KH-2 (Yes, I mean the real deal, not the LTD version) which is the KH-2 bolt on, the KH-2 neck-thru and a "KH-2 Custom shop Thru" guitar which cost more than $5000 (I think it's in AUD btw) while the other 2s are $4000 and $3500 respectively.

Now I know that there re 3 kinds of KH-2 available, the KH-2 neck-thru, the KH-2 bolt-on, and the KH-2 vintage with Kirk's stickers. And as far as my knowledge go, these 3 are all built in ESP's custom shop and have a "custom shop" mark at the back of the headstock. Then what is this KH-2 Custom shop Thu guitar ?? and why is it much more expensive than the rest ??? (the fact that the KH-2 bolt on is more expensive than the KH-2 neck-thru doesn't make much sense also)

I'm pretty curious about this, anyone has any information ?
The KH-2 is a signiture series, so it's a standard production model not the custom shop version, thus why the KH-2 Custom Shop Thru costs more. The KH-2 bolt on is also a custom shop, so thus the price hike. Also the bolt on is a discontinued line so that'd also add to the price