Okay, I re-recorded it in full length this time, and uploaded it to my profile. No vocals yet. Still have to write the lyrics

Here's the link:


If you feel like listening to it, I'd be very grateful for some honest critique. C4C of course.

Oh, btw don't expect an anti-lovesong because of the title, because that's exactly what it is. A lovesong.

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You need your guitar intoned and tuned.

In that order. It sounds like when you play high notes with the lower ones, that they are an 1/8 to a 1/4 out of step.

Not a bad tone though. Get some vocals on it.
You've got a good pair of ears there, bro!
I just went to the local guitar shop to get some new strings because the old ones have been played for quite a while now, and when I change them, I'll do the other stuff as well.
As I said, it was a spontanous recording this afternoon.

Anyway, appreciated man. I'm gonna start writing the lyrics soon, to get some vocals on it.