I'll try to keep it short.

I'm going to build a new pc in a few months, and i want to be able to use it to record with relatively high quality.
I'm thinking about a Creative sound blaster X-Fi Elite Pro, as it seems like a good card, and it comes with an external box and you can plug the guitar straight into it.

Creative soundblaster X-Fi Elite Pro soundcard

Has anyone had any experience with this, and can point out its pros and cons?

And is there anything else you would recommend, that is similar or better?
Not to concerned about prices.


Suggest a High Quality soundcard with the ability to plug directly into it (external box etc)

ESP Eclipse (in snow white)
Orange Tiny Terror
Those things are more for creating superb sound output. If you want to make good recordings, use your amp and mic it with a quality mic like a Shure SM57. Then plug the mic into your computer with a PCI card like this.