A friend of a friend is selling a custom made guitar for £70, but apparently knows very little about it, other than it was bought for £300. I'm wondering if anyone can assist me by telling me anything they can about it,and if they think it would be worth it.I will be getting a chance to try the guitar out this weekend, but any information about bridge,pickups,or even the wood if possible would be very helpful

These are the only two pictures available.

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i need a close up of the headstock please.

All i can tell now is - unnamed humbucking pickups, 1vol and 1 tone nob, 3 way selector switch, black pickguard, rosewood fretboard, maple neck and 22 frets most likely jumbo as far as i can see.

The bridge is quite obviously double locking, but i have no idea what type (Original floyd, licenced etc). A close up of that too please. I shud be able to give you more info then

but if have the serial number and the brand u could probly find all this yourself. Most companies keep a record of all their guitars - especialy their customs.
yea you can't tell alot from the pics you've given, prob well worth 70 quid tho!
I'll try to get a couple more pics of the guitar,most likely within the next day or 2

Also are you worried by the fact that he's selling it at such a heavy discount? Is there are a genuine reason for this?

Again as has been said above more close-up pics required to identify exactly what it is, but it doesn't look bad for £70. How does it play?
Yes, I'm wary of it's price tag, generally I wouldn't expect such a discount. I dont know the reason for it, and I won't get to see it in person until the weekend. I am trying to get better pics, but it's through a friend so I can't be sure I'l get them.
Is it a RR?
Lets jump in a pool

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don`t worry about it it aint a RR (rhandy rhodes signature),

if you have the original pic, can you zoom in on the headstock and tell us whats written on it
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The pic isnt high enough resolution,all I see is a blur when I zoom in,I'l see can I find out what it says though.