I have been trying to make a TAB for the song Paparazzi by Lady Gaga. But it's not the original, it's the remix version. Not to be offensive, it has a better Bassline. I've noticed it's more of a disco feel to it. I tried matching the original Bassline to the Remix version and speed it up but it just doesn't go. I'm stumped and I would really like to play this song. Can someone help me out there? I am not going to just make you work on it, I am trying my hardest as well. Maybe we can compare the TABs - etc. I welcome all but I emphasize the PLEASE in helping me find this TAB. You don't understand how grateful I'd be. Thank you.

The song for the Remix is here.

i couldnt find tabs for the remixed version, just sounds like octaves to me. on a side note this is a horrible song and i dont consider it music
I don't really care what you consider Music. I asked for TABs not your amateur opinion. Thanks though - child.