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I personally HATE mine.
I think it's **** and it's really bad. The only that makes up for it are my friends.
I barely know any people that actually like their school. What about you guys?
Do you like it?
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I get bored at lessons really quick, but I like the people at my school. I haven't even concidered playing truant yet!
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It's pretty cool, yeah. It's pretty near the top of nationwide league tables, and it's non-selective.

I like my school, I like my campus, I like the people who go here.

I do not like the classes I've chosen for the most part, but it's hit or miss. Some classes I've enjoyed and some you just have to trudge through.
No, not really. They took all the electives to give us POS laptops, the science department is seriously lacking materials, and most of the teachers here just sit on their asses and show movies. This is no way to learn.
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I really enjoy school, even more now I'm doing A Levels. The only thing I miss is that my girlfriend has gone to a different school in the city, but I suppose this way we don't get bored of each other, and have more fun when we do see one another. Still, not a real problem, school's great. Good teachers, decent work, half decent food from the canteen, and enough friends.
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Yeah my school is pretty Ok. Lots of awesome trips etc, I'm going on my second foreign trip with the school this year. We also go on lots of weeks away, work experience n stuff.

Of course you have all the chavs writing on their Bebo pages:

iii gO 2 sKul in bLaRnEYY, wat a shyt whole! aLL da techers r bEnT! hHaHa
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I like my UNIVERSITY, yes

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yeah I go to a really good school and enjoy it, although I sometimes wonder what the bad schools are like...
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I like everything about it except that administration and parking services are ****.
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Nope. Tons of work, tests practically every week. Lots of homework and full of gay assholes that think they're cool.
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Now that I'm only doing lessons that I like, I'm enjoying school a lot more
I can talk to or hang out with half of my year, a few from the year above & year below mine, & the rest of the school are pretty much dicks!
Half the teachers are fairly awesome though

So I like mine
all the people at my highschool are super rich except for me...and im the youngest person in my class which kinda blows
i hated school
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Sometimes I really like my school. We actually have a lot of really good teachers, and it provides a lot of great opportunities I probably wouldn't have had at another school. Plus, there are a lot of really nice students!
Sometimes, it stresses me out to the point of hysteria. Then, I don't like it so much.
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I really enjoy school, even more now I'm doing A Levels. .

+1 I'm the exact same, doing A levels means your doing the subjects you wanted, so when i'm in school i'm with my mates which is cool but every time i'm heading to class i'm thinking "oh yes! music/physics/business studies i can't wait" man i'm a nerd
Quite like it, comfortable atmosphere. No responsibilities, good people, get on with most teachers, my english teacher is insanely easy on the eyes, and now that I'm in sixth form I'm only in half the day 4/5 days a week.
I dont go to school :/

last year I wasn't really fond of my college.. the teachers were (for the most part) knowledgeable, but many of them didnt have very good teaching styles. There's 2 campuses, and I was on the one where absolutely no events take place, which was kind of lame. scheduling for first semester was manageable, but my second semester schedule was all over the place, and super inconvenient. and parking was ridiculous.. I payed a whole bunch of money for a parking pass, but parking and walking from the rec. centre nearby was the only option half the time..

I have found that people who say they hate school usually dont know what they are doing (subject wise), but obviously this isnt always true.

I for one, loved school.

and now, love college.
Today my college had some outdoor activity with free food and drinks and a spanish rock band. But the band was cheesy and I wasn't hungry so I just had me some frosted lemonade.

My school is average.
I like my school. The facilities are good, the teachers are good too. And because we're small enough you've had pretty much all the teachers by the last two years (I'm in my second last year) so they're all pretty cool towards you.

Even though alot of the students aren't exactly the type of people you'd want to be best friends with, overall they can be pretty cool. We don't get much bullying or anything and any that we do get is dealt with severely. In an official whole school evaluation we were said to have the best fraternity between students that the inspectors had seen.

And we're a public school so we don't have to pay for all this

And as a bonus, even though music is not taught as a subject, you have almost full access to the music supplies so we're allowed practise there with our band. Which is very awesome
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I love it. My year is awesome. What annoys me though are the ***s that insist on sitting around complaining about how school is **** and metal is awesome while doing that annoying hair flick.


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I go to college, my only beef is that the study areas are too loud mainly because of chavvy types.
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Wait until you are a little older. I'm 22 right now and I miss school.

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My high school was okay, there was alot of bull**** in the administration.

College however is amazing and i love it here.
I love college. I want to be here forever. Not kidding.

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Sure, why not? I'm studying what I want, I'm with people I like, and going into town to get pizza during lunch is awesome.
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Meh mines decent
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Love mine so far.
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personally, i think that unless you're one of the very few people who actually don't function well in a restricted environment, the only reason not the enjoy school is that you're socially retarded and not making the most of the situation.

You've got to be a rather depressing individual to go into school everyday and not have some fun
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