Hey guys,

If you have a few spare moments, myself and my band would really appreciate some help here.

We are Celestial Chaos, and we are in a contest. The winner gets to play an opening set for Puddle of Mud here in my hometown. We live in Missoula, Montana. 70,000 people or so, and it's one of the biggest places in Montana...so it's a small town, no real venues besides bars, and not too many events. So it makes it hard for a band to play sometimes.

If you guys could help us out and vote for us, we would really appreciate it.

To do this, you'll need to visit:


Click the puddle of mud banner, and you'll be brought to the section where you can vote. But before that, you'll have to register an account. It's free and easy, and doesn't require email validification.

I know many people can't be bothered, but please...if you have a few spare moments, head on over to the Blaze's website and register an account or two and vote for us. As a band we've been together for almost 2 years, and have never played anything this big (as there has been no opportunity), and would really love to do this.

Thank you,

Thank you everyone who has helped so far!
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Done. Good luck!



/ \

PSN ID: Lord-MacTooth
Isn't playing for Puddle Of Mudd almost like losing?
If this were 2001, sure, they used to be good, but now?

EDIT: Voted. There you go.
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voted for you guys. I like the covers of war pigs and whole lotta love on your myspace. YOur in second place right now Start rallying people you guys are good
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you should win the contest, then say you wont play the show because puddle of mud is ****ing ****ty.
thats what i would i do, but most people cant be a man, so i understand if you don't.
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You guys are decent but I can't really find a personal touch the the covers so no voting

Sorry you think so. We have 3 original songs up on our myspace. Do you like those? They don't have vocals at the moment, but this Friday we're recording, so I should have them up on Friday night or Saturday.
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lol nah

Yes, there is far too much to do, I'd have done it if it was a click.