The thread i started for it is pretty dead, i figured id start a new one for the finished product. heres a link to the old thread to see the process

so heres the finished product

sorry for the dark pics. ill post better ones later. heres another one of that and the bass i customized

again, sorry for the crap quality. more pics are coming soon.
I remember this! xD

not bad..
I think the blood would look better with more of a splatter/ less of a pool, but I'm not really a fan of any blood splatters on guitars, anyway
and it's just in time for halloween
It's badass man. Cool effect. Like the bass too.
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right on man im loving the sawblade.. good job
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I vaguely remember this.

looks good! and painful.
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I'm normally not a fan of things like this, but I must say I'm jealous.
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Nice, looking forward to some proper pics.
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I remember this looks a LOT better then I thought it originaly would. Nice one man
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+1 to the better than I thought it would be vote.

One thing that i'd have done differently though is that I'd probably put a little yellow/black caution tape under the blood smear.
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That things unique, thats for sure.... I like it though

In the guitar customization gallery thread (I think) there was a guy who did this but with a real blade that spun!
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Nice job! Out of all the guitars that look like they could have double uses as weapons (B.C. Rich ect...), this is the first one I like
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Is that really the best place for a saw blade?

Instead of a comfortable forearm contour you have a saw blade

looks pretty sweet.