I am looking to purchase a new guitar. I am looking at hollowbodies and thinking of either a Squire thinline telecaster, an epiphone casino, epiphone sheraton, or an epiphone riviera. I want something versatile that could get me warm ska tones like the Police, Sublime and Aaron Dugan with Matisyahu, nice indie tones similar to the killers or U2, and also something that can be driven for Punk and blues leads. Any suggestions? Oh I also have a crate GFX30 but am looking into a Fender Hot Rod Deville 410
i would look at getting something like an epiphone dot, it's a good copy of the gibson es335, and should give you the sound that you are after
cosmetically I would prefer one of the others. Perhaps even a fender thinline with a mahogany body. But if you really would absolutely recommend the dot over any of the others I must ask how accurate is the dot in recreating the ES-335 tone?