Hello, i'm Nick. I Like melodic death metal and play my Cort Z42.

My English is bad, but I'd like to tell you about the biggest social network in exUSSR. It is like FaceBook, it looks like FaceBook, but it is better than Facebook. At now almost every internet user from exUSSR has an account in this network. And now, site owners want to expand their network to english speaking countries. They give 500 new iPods absolutely for free to members, who will invite maximum number of friend on this site.

It is VK (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vkontakte), an all-purpose tool for finding friends, both old and new. It's goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbours and coworkers in touch. It currently numbers 45 747 006 and counting.

VK is celebrating its 3rd year in October. In these 3 years, VK has become the most popular internet site on one sixth of the planet. There are over 45 million registered users and each month millions of new users are registering.

To get your iPod for free you must register by link vk.com/reg1849968 using your real name and university, upload your photo, and then get your own link to invite your friends by October 25, 2009.

Exactly three years ago, site owners held a competition during which users who invited friends to the site received the latest Apple iPods. They are remembering this today and are organizing the largest competition ever held on a social networking site. To each of the 500 winners, they will send a fifth generation Apple iPod Nano with 8Gb of internal memory. This is the best MP3- and video-player in the world. New in the fifth generation player are a videocamera and an FM radio. The top three leaders will not only receive Apple iPod nanos, but also Apple MacBook Airs - the thinnest laptops in the world and weighing only 1.3 kg.

By registering on this site you will also able to listen and share music and videos, play many free games with other members, and do many other interesting things. And also you will help me to get my iPod