Good evening my dear pit, I come to you in my time of need with a simple request.

After trawling my iTunes collection for quite a while, and googling many times, I have come to no avail in my search for a song for my chemistry presentation tomorrow.

To go into more details, I need a song that relates to Equilibrium (The Chemical kind) and reversible reactions.. This can be a loose relation, however the more well known the song and obvious the link the better..

(Still alive is my back-up plan in case you were wondering)

Many Thanks


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a guy on ug back when the profiles first started had a song about moles. it's was purrty cool, not really relevant here though

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Steps - Chain Reaction (can't remember who did the original XD)
Skyclad - Science Never Sleeps (?)
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Just get a sound clip of the Breaking Bad theme. You will get an 'A' because all high school chemistry teachers watch breaking Bad.
science by system of a down
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"Galvanise" by the Chemical Brothers.
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well there's a band called Equilibrium, none of their songs are about science though. And there's a band called Wormed, but they sing about advanced physics or something..? One of their songs is called voxel mitosis (I know what mitosis is) but I'm not sure what the song is about : /

Why don't you look for any song that sings about finding some kind of balance?
Well i was gona say Still Alive, but since that's your backup, i guess i can't really help
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Motion City Soundrack - Modern Chemistry

(She Blinded Me With Science is a way better idea)


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Thank you all for your suggestions.. It will either be Chain Reaction - Steps (Gay I know, but it will get a few chuckles) or Still Alive..

Once again, Thanks!!


Tokai FA70 (My Korean ES-175)


Artisan 30 fund: £50/£1200
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the element song. We watched this chemistry. Its awesome

When I heard this at school(yes, it was long enough ago that it was on cassette), it started "hydrogen and helium and lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen..."
It didn;t go through ALL of them in order, but that's as far as I remember it.