I've been looking at alot of different metal GP files, mostly a lot of COB (which Im getting into) and I see a few semi-harmonics every now and then and I am wondering what they are and how to produce them.
I don't believe in signatures. Ah, sh...
Not entierly sure but i've always played a pinch harmonic but not as pronounced...sort of half harmonic half regular note...id like to know if this is right tho
In well-tempered western tuning, semitones occur at half step intervals(1 fret). Every note (TONE), with the exception of E-F and B-C, contains a SEMITONE between them that can be labeled as sharp or flat depending on the key. Quartertones are one of several subdivisions of MICROTONES. SRV used them often by coming in lower than the targeted note and bending in until he hit the desired note. Sometime he did so in one bend that occured 1/4 step below. He was also known to come in several tones below target and bend in steps until he reached to targeted note.

As Lee stated earlier, you can perform harmonics in seeral places on the fretboard. These harmonics are divisions of the actual note, but not necessarily octaves. Artifical harmonics can occur when the pinch divides the note in such a manner that the tone from the nut to the finger commplements the tone from the finger to the bridge. The fretwire itself marks the division of the note. For example, place your finger on the 12th fret of the the 1st string and pluck the note where you normally play(E-1320). Now slide your finger up to the 13th fret and pluck mid-way between the nut and your finger(E-1320). Same note, huh!?! The harmonic occurs becuse the string is vibrating equally at 1320 vibrations per minute on both ends of the pinch (unison) directly above the fretwire. Play the harmonic on the 5th fret of the 1st string and you will get the A Harmonic. Divide the tones between the nut and the finger, you will find that this note (A-1760) is actually an octave higher than the note (A-880) played from the pinch to the bridge. Try playing the harmonic with another finger touching the string anywhere between the nut and the pinch. Dead note? Now you should begin to see how the harmonics work.

Edit - the above frequencies are assuming you are tuned in A=440hz! This not so much of an attempt to sound smart as it was an opportunity to share information I recently discovered during my quest of musical enrichment!
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