...and I'm playing YYZ. What kind of stage presence should I be doing for this kind of song? I've never done anything like this in front of the ~40 people that will be there. I'm not nervous at all, I just don't know how to act on stage without:

A) Looking like a stiff
B) Looking like a retard

Any suggestions?

tl;dr: playing YYZ tomorrow, what kind of stage presence do I do
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C: Be yourself and do neither of the above.

Or do:

D: Don't show up.
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The chances are if you have to make a thread about this your gig (and life) will suck and people will boo you.
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School gigs are easy. just act natural...

Definitely do that. watching people play rock/metal and trying to look cool has always been a hilarious experience for me.
Well Alex doesn't go crazy when he plays it, so neither should you ( I assume you play guitar)

Just play it good, and people will worship you. (assuming you're Canadian)