Hey UG Community! My name is Blaine and I'm part of a musical revolution known only as Madrone. We tour the Atlantic coast in search of people who are just like us: who know that the music industry has changed and we must combat this change. Major label promotion, large recording budgets, and expensive marketing schemes have become a catalyst for terrible cookie-cutter generic hard rock bands to gain following by the masses and the ticket value of intricate light shows and $700,000/night stage setups (ahem, U2) have shifted the focus of the live performance to everything else except for the music itself.

Don't worry though, by being a part of this community and supporting unsigned acts you are already doing your part to help a small band make it big and reverse what Nickelback has done to the state of the radio-friendly music world.

Please go to our myspace, listen to our songs. If you like them, send it to your friends and tell them to send it to their friends. If you REALLY like it, message us and tell us to come to your favorite venue. I will ship you a copy of our full-length debut album no matter where you live if you want it. If you all unite behind us, we will be the change you want to see.

Thank you,
Blaine Davis
Bass Guitar
if you're in the area for a gig, come say what up! whereabouts are you located? we all live in(or around) roanoke
haha my parents live in bedford co near vinton but i live in salem while im studying at roanoke college. you should come out to the new hookah bar on williamson on sunday, we're performing a memorial acoustic show for a close friend who passed away this week
Madrone has officially booked a gig with Halestorm at The National in Richmond, Va on November 28th. Any Virginia UG users, the national is a gorgeous theater, probably the most beautiful venue in virginia. Tickets are available at www.thenationalva.com for $12.50