I've been reading up on tube amps (after realizing pedals aren't the solution :P ) and I've settled on a Blues Jr. Now there are two different versions. A Nos version and standard.

Hot Rod Blues Jr Nos:

Hot Rod Blues Jr Standard:

Is the Nos version worth it? It has a 12" Jensen speaker vs a 12" fender custom. I read a couple threads here and it seemed like some ppl were saying it's just marketing and it doesn't really make a difference while others said definitely get it. I'm confused and looking for any clarity. Thanks in advance :P
NOS means "New Old Stock". Meaning old tubes (that some people say sound better) that haven't been used. I have no idea if the NOS version actually has NOS tubes, but I would doubt it and could see it being a marketing ploy. The regular BJ sounds just as good to me and it's cheaper.

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Ok, the Nos version has a different speaker. That's it. I checked out a bunch of comparison vids (and comments w/in) and they say that the speaker makes a great difference.

Btw: I think I'm flooding these boards with nub. I'll slow it down and try to help out more.
The Jensen is a better speaker. I'm not sure offhand what the other differences are.

I do know the regular Blues Jr. has a loud front-end, and tends to get a little grainy with high-gain pedals, often to the point of very noticable hiss. At least, that was the case with the two I've played.
The Jensen's a better speaker, but still not good enough for an $80 premium.

Get the standard, then swap the speaker yourself with something even better, even more so with used speakers.

A quick check of some ads reveals:

Eminence Wizard = $60

Celestion V30 = $85

vintage '60's reconed Oxford Alnico = $65

Celestion G12H = $95 new in box

Eminence Copperhead = $45 (that would be a particularly nice speaker for a Jr!)

That's the way to go. My two cents.

i would go with one of those cheap alnico weber speakers they have. if not go for either a jenson copy or a celestion copy(silver bell or blue bell). the speaker choice depends on preference, but if you are going for a blues jr. then i am asuming you are going for blues or classic rock.

the chinese jenson that comes with it is nothing like a classic american jensons. the celestions are overpriced(but good) and eminence just has never 'wowed' me(though i do have a couple amps with them in there and they aren't bad at all). the webers are made in america by people who actually give a f*** and they are very affordable for price yer getting.

PS: the NOS tag on the fender is total selling point with no backup. that little thing has a few groove tubes and a printed circuit board. nothing NOS about it.
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I had a NOS and I compared it with my friends 1990 something BJr. mine was warmer. smoother and more responsive. his had more gain.
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