im wanting to buy a 7 string without a floyd rose, what are good 7 strings for under $1000???
Ibanez Rg7 or a schetcer (however u spell it) hellrasier....theres a general idea
Bands you want to emulate, any company preferences, body styles, etc?
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mmmm i like the neck. ive never been to that site, is it legit?

Legit as ever my cousin has one of there Les pauls they are amazing, go to the agile army on this site and they can fill you in. They are dedicated to this site (so are other random forumites)
even though i've never played one (few people have, since they're only sold online) but i'd have to second the agile. not only does it look awesome, but it's about half your budget so you could replace pickups or electronics later.

i know you can find reviews and things on youtube for them.
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oh wow that agile looks hot! ive only been drooling over their 8 strings so i havent taken the time to look at what 7s they offer.

brother, if you wanna go really cheap, id recommend the washburn 587. they are going for real cheap on ebay and they really arent bad guitars. ibanez-thin neck profile, grovers, and mine doesnt have a tremelo.

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