Hey guys, i was wondering what procedures you would take to fixing a stripped strap lock.


My band was playing a gig and it was going so nice, I move a lot when i play. Anyway, by the end of our set i swing my guitar and the screw strips right out of the guitar that holds my strap lock. I luckily caught it but now i cant use the strap.


How would you guys go about fixing this? I had another thread and they said toothpicks but are there any other methods that i could make sure work? Remember I'm a play hard musician and of course I'll take it easy but what would you guys say?

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well, if the hole is deeper than the part that is broken it, you can put a match in the hole and snap off the part that sticks out. then put the screw back in and it should hold. it held the bottom end of my les paul, anyway..
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same thing happened to me, I'm planning on taking it to a professional to get it fixed but I need a temporary solution, seeing as I have a gig in 2 weeks
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Figure out the hole's diameter and then go buy a dowel (a hardwood like maple or something) and glue it in. You might want to tap it in a little, but not too hard because that can split the body. Just be gentle. I would redrill the hole first so the hole is clean and easier to put the dowel in. I've heard of people sticking lots of wooden toothpicks down there too, but I've never tried it. That could be your lazy option.
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