im looking into buying a volume pedal
im mostly going to be using it for post-rock type swells
im going to probably using it with other pedals and a fender stratocaster
does any one have any tips on what brand or pedal is good?
when i looked it up there was an active and passive
mind telling me what the difference is?
Passive has 250k ohm pot = for passive pups

Active has a 25k ohm pot - for active pups

I prefer the passive because, well, you know...

Edit: I noticed you have a strat.
It's quite likely you have passive pups.
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if you're handy with a soldering iron and own a wah.. you could use a dpdt switch and make it a wah pedal for <$10........ rather than spending 100 on a new volume pedal. i did the mod and i loved it after using the 2nd pole to correct the treble loss. makes it quiet(not dead) to pretty full. i loved it

but you might as well spend the extra 50 and get a stereo pedal rather than mono, for panning and such

edit: its an extra 100. so i'd only do that if i know i'd be gigging or using the panning ability that it can do in the studio or whatever.
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